Past Summits

Below you will read about some past summits.

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Global Compliance Summit

Tuesday May 13, 2014 - Wednesday May 14, 2014

Sumerra hosts an Annual Compliance Summit which provides Industry Leaders, Manufacturing Brands and their respective Suppliers & Licensees a unique opportunity to come together, collaborate, and learn best practices within Corporate Social Responsibility. Each Summit is 2-4 days in duration, consisting of presentations and discussion panels presented by Industry Leaders and more in-depth, hands-on trainings taught by Sumerra.


The summit provides Brands the opportunity to host Breakout Sessions surrounding the Summit (usually the day before or the day after) to meet separately with their Licensees/Suppliers. These breakout sessions provide the Brand the opportunity to:

Meet Suppliers/Licensees face to face
Educate Suppliers/Licensees on new or existing procedures and protocols
Or even provide more in-depth training on a specific topic
Sumerra’s team of experts have assisted many Brands in leading these specific trainings during the breakouts including trainings on Fire Safety Management, Human Resources Management, Water Management, etc.

Sumerra’s professional team is available to assist Brands with the logistical items of setting up the meetings. Please contact Sumerra for more information.

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